About Us -

I used to watch  grandma's fix Sunday dinner. The meal started the day before when they went      shopping or "made groceries" as we called it. She would buy only the freshest ingredients needed to make dinner. Sunday was family day. People who came to our neighborhood on that day would be blown away by all aromas of different dishes that all the grandma's were cooking. Some grandmas were known for their Jambalaya, others for their Gumbo, while some were famous for their Creole sauce. Living in this neighborhood, I developed a passion for cooking and wanted to learn how to make each of these dishes. So, I set out on a mission to learn from the best of the best. One grandma would teach me how to cook her best dish.  Another would teach me her recipe. I would do whatever it took to learn their secrets and write down everything I learned. My passion in life is to keep this food alive. I wake up every morning excited to share what I learned from these fantastic grandmas!

Meet the Business Owners

 Guy "Crazy Creole" DuPlantier III & Nith "Who Dat" DuPlantier

Guy DuPlantier III... I'm always passionate about food. I even dream about it. My jambalaya recipe came from a dream. People that can't remember my name will say there's the jambalaya man. The name Crazy Creole actually refers to me. I was a little crazy when I was younger. Some say I'm still crazy. My sister  started the name. She always refers to me as her Crazy brother. When I'm not working I love to do my favorite hobby which is any and every thing involving water from the Bayou, Lakes and Ocean. Having a Dad that love to fish, hunt and just enjoyed the outdoors. I learned at an early age about fishing, boating, and respect. Respect the sea, respect your neighbor, and most of all respect yourself. At the age of ten I began my sport of scuba diving. Today I travel the world for the best dive destination. My favorite type of diving is cave diving and lobster hunting. I want to thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Please come and try our Creole and Cajun Food and Laissez les bons temps rouler with the Crazy Creole Cafe

Nith DuPlantier...I was born in Thai Land raise in Cambodia. From a young age i knew i wanted to cook and own a restaurant. My life in Cambodian was not a easy one. Being sold into slavery at a early age my dream of owning a restaurant was just a think i fantasized on.  Then one day by the grace of Budda I was on my way to America. As soon as I set down in this Beautiful Country I started working in a restaurant. My dream started to materialize  in front of my eyes. I love so much being in the restaurant i would work 16 hour days doing any and every thing in the restaurant. Then my next blessing came my way.  A man! Named  Guy Da Crazy Creole. He would not let any one take advantage of me. For the first time in my life I felt safe and I had my own family. He taught me every thing Creole, Cajun and Southern. I fell in love with it all, including him. Zydeco was in my blood. Ready to take it to the next level. We went from catering from home to a food truck named  Crazy Creole Cafe. Getting a good reputation of being the real deal Creole food. With a strong following and very loyal customers we open our first brick and mortar a Cafe with  the same name of course. Crazy Creole Cafe once a dream is now reality. So dreams do come true. Thank you God for all the blessing. I will be putting the Asian in da Cajun so come on down and try my Asia Cajun Seafood Boil. I Guarantee you will love it