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We now offer On Line Ordering

Within 4 Miles $25.00 Minimum Order

4 to 6 Miles $50.00 Minimum Order

6 to 10 Miles $100.00 Minimum Order 




Boudin Balls

Pork 3 for $8.00

Crawfish 3 for $12.00

Asian Cajun Boudin Egg Rolls

Pork  4 for $8.00

Crawfish  4 for $12.00


All Entrees served with 2 side dishes

Rib Eye Steak     $29.00

12 Oz Rib-eye steak marinated in garlic & creole seasoning

Prepared one of two ways. Pan-Seared or Charbroiled  

Surf & Turf     $36.00

12 oz Rib eye steak & 4  Large garlic shrimp

Crawfish Etouffee Plate     $18.00

(Pronounced Ay-too-Fay) - In French translates into the

meaning of "smothered” A succulent, tangy roux-based

sauce seasoned to perfection. Crawfish tail meat

smothered and served over rice. A very classy Cajun dish!

Shrimp Etouffee Plate     $17.50

Same Sauce as Crawfish but with Shrimp 

Chicken Etouffee Plate     $16.50  

Same Sauce as Crawfish but with Chicken

Jambalaya Plate     $16.00

(Pronounced Jahm-buh-Lie-uh) - The word is said to be

a compound word of Jambon from the French meaning

"ham  and "Aya meaning rice in African. The dish first

showed up in Creole Cuisine in early 18th century. A rich

blend of tomatoes, Creole Seasonings with three types

of sausage also Chicken and Shrimp.

Shrimp Creole Plate     $16.00

Stewed Tomatoes with herbs and spices simmered all day.

It's a little zesty but still tangy...served over rice with

shrimp. It's the chef's favorite of all the dishes. It will set

off your taste buds.

Chicken Creole Plate     $14.00

Equally delicious as our Shrimp Creole. We use the same


Red Beans and Rice Plate     $14.00

There aren't many food traditions that characterize

New Awlins better than Red Beans and Rice on a Monday

Night. Camellia Red Beans cook slowly with all the herbs and

spices & Smoked Beef Sausage.

add a Beef or Chicken Hot Link $3.00

Blackened Catfish Plate   $15.00

Often associated with Cajun cuisine this technique was

popularized by Chef Paul Prudhomme. The fish is dipped

in melted butter and then dredged in a mixture of herbs

and spices. It is then cooked on a very hot grill, delicious! 

Bar-B-Que Shrimp Plate   $16.00 

Chef Guy's version of  New Awlins Bar B Q Shrimp. Not too hot, perfect spice, excellent citrus balance. Also served with dipping bread. A must try

Southern Fried Pork Chop Plate    $14.00 

2 Pork Chops lightly breaded in seasoned flour & fried

Fried Catfish Plate   $16.00

3 Piece of fish fried to perfection

Fried Red Snapper Plate   $16.00

3 Piece of fish fried in seasoned cornmeal

Fried Shrimp Plate   $16.50

10 Shrimp Seasoned with Creole Spices & deep fried to perfection


Dirty Rice $4.00 

Garlic French Bread with Cheese     $3.00

Collard Greens     $4.50 

Creole Potato Salad     $3.50     

French Fries     $3.00

Crazy Mac & Cheese     $4.50

Red Beans    $4.00

Steam White Rice     $2.00

Red Potatoes 3 for     $2.50

Boil Season Corn (1/2 Corn)     $1.00


Dress (New Awlins Style)

Blue Plate Mayo, Lettuce, Tomatoes & Pickles

Extra Fixins
Rumoulade, Hot Sauce, Creole Mustard, Onion

Fried Soft Shell Crab     $17.00

Grilled Shrimp     $13.00

Fried Shrimp     $13.00

Fried Oyster     $14.00

1/2 Shrimp & 1/2 Oyster     $14.00

1/2 Shrimp & 1/2 Fish   $14.00

Fried  Catfish     $14.00

Blackened Catfish     $14.50

Fried Alligator     $16.00

Fried Red Snapper     $13.00

Fried Pop Corn Crawfish     $13.50

Cajun Chop Chicken     $9.00

Chicken Hot Link     $10.00

Beef Hot Link     $10.00


Fountain Soda (Free Refills)     $2.00

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite,

Fruit Punch, Dr Pepper, Orange

Can Soda's     $1.50

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fruit Punch, Dr Pepper,
 Orange, 7 Up, Root Beer, Strawberry

Arizona Ice Tea     $2.00 

Black & White, Green Tea, Watermelon,
Sweet Tea, Green Tea Lemonade, Mango

Community Coffee (Free Refills)   $3.00

Ice Coffee   $3.50


Small 16oz     Large 32oz

Crawfish Etouffee

Small $15.00   Large $20.00

Shrimp Etouffee

Small $14.50     Large $19.50

Chicken Etouffee

Small $13.00   Large $17.00


Small $12.00   Large $17.00

Shrimp Creole

Small $11.00   Large $16.00

Chicken Creole

Small $10.00   Large $14.00

Red Beans and Rice

Small $9.00   Large $13.00  


Seafood Gumbo

Small $18.00   Large $26.50  
A dark roux, seasoned with Creole herbs & Spices. Shrimp & Crab with Thigh meat. Also added Chicken & Beef Hot link, Beef Smoke Sausage. Eat this one and you will think you are in New Awlins.

YaYa Gumbo    

Small $12.00   Large $17.00 

Gumbo YaYa was invented by Chef Paul Prudhomme .  It’s so tasty  it makes you say YaYa! It is one of the most iconic dishes of New Orleans cuisine. It's a chicken base Gumbo with smoke turkey and chicken hot link



All Baskets served with Seasoned French Fries
Fried in Peanut Oil

Fried Shrimp Basket     $14.00

Seasoned so well and deep fried to perfection

Fried Shrimp & Fish Basket     $14.50

5 Shrimp & 2 piece of Catfish or Red Snapper

Fried Oyster Basket     $15.00

Lightly seasoned and deep fried to perfection

Fried Catfish Basket     $14.00

The best tasting fish in town

Fried Red Snapper Basket     $14.00

If you don't like Catfish you'll love this Fish

Fried Pop Corn Crawfish     $14.50

Doesn't get more Cajun than this

Fried Soft Shell Crabs Basket     $16.00

Two Crabs with basket

Fried Alligator Basket     $15.00 

Real Louisiana Gator

Fried Pork Chops Basket     $11.00 

2 Pork chops lightly breaded in seasoning flour


Market Price per pound

Price Subject to Change

Step 1 Pick Your Seafood Per Pound

Crawfish (OUT OF SEASON) 

Shrimp $14.00

Dungeness Crab Legs Clusters $27.00

Snow Crab $23.00

King Crab $38.00

Clams $12.00

Mussels $12.00

Step 2 Pick Your Flavor

  • Louisiana Style (No Sauce)
  • Garlic Butter Sauce
  • Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce
  • Asian Cajun Sauce ( Most Popular)
  • Creole Sauce

Step 3 Pick Your Spice Level  

  • Mild
  • Medium
  • Hot
  • Asian Hot

Step 4 Pick Your Sides

  • Corn on the Cobb (1/2 Corn) 3 for $2.50
  • Steam Rice $2.00
  • Beef Smoke Sausages 4 pieces $3.00
  • Beef Hot Link 4 pieces $3.50
  • Chicken Hot Link 4 pieces $3.50
  • Red Potatoes 3 for $2.50
  • Dipping French Bread 4 slices $1.50
  • Extra Asian Cajun Sauce $2.00


Chef Guy's Bread Pudding     $5.50

There's pudding and then there's Chef Guy's Bread Pudding! Raisins soaked in Jack Daniels for 24 hours. One bite and you're hooked!

Chocolate Bread Pudding     $5.50

Same as Chef Guy's Bread Pudding but we've added

chocolate. This is too sinful to talk about!

Peach Cobbler     $5.50

This recipe is from Mia the Cobbler Queen OMG better

than my Mothers! Sorry Mom.

Coming soon...