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We now offer On Line Ordering


Within 4 Miles $25.00 Minimum Order

4 to 6 Miles $50.00 Minimum Order

6 to 10 Miles $100.00 Minimum Order 




Hot Sausages - Made in House

1 link $3.50 - 1 lbs $9.00 per lbs

Beef  Sausage
Chicken  Sausage
Creole  Sausage
Cajun  Sausage

Boudin Sausage - Made in House

Cajun Pork 1/2 lbs $4.50
Crawfish 1/2 lbs $6.50

Boudin Balls

Pork 3 for $8.00

Crawfish 3 for $12.00

Asian Cajun Boudin Egg Rolls

Pork  4 for $8.00

Crawfish  4 for $12.00


All Entrees served with 2 side dishes

Rib Eye Steak  $29.00

12 Oz Rib-eye steak marinated in garlic & creole seasoning

Prepared one of two ways. Pan-Seared or Charbroiled  

Surf & Turf  $36.00

12 oz Rib eye steak & 4  Large garlic shrimp

Crawfish Etouffee Plate  $18.00

(Pronounced Ay-too-Fay) - In French translates into the

meaning of "smothered” A succulent, tangy roux-based

sauce seasoned to perfection. Crawfish tail meat

smothered and served over rice. A very classy Cajun dish!

Shrimp Etouffee Plate  $17.50

Same Sauce as Crawfish but with Shrimp 

Chicken Etouffee Plate  $16.50  

Same Sauce as Crawfish but with Chicken

Jambalaya Plate  $16.00

(Pronounced Jahm-buh-Lie-uh) - The word is said to be

a compound word of Jambon from the French meaning

"ham  and "Aya meaning rice in African. The dish first

showed up in Creole Cuisine in early 18th century. A rich

blend of tomatoes, Creole Seasonings with three types

of sausage also Chicken and Shrimp.

Shrimp Creole Plate  $16.00

Stewed Tomatoes with herbs and spices simmered all day.

It's a little zesty but still tangy...served over rice with

shrimp. It's the chef's favorite of all the dishes. It will set

off your taste buds.

Chicken Creole Plate  $14.00

Equally delicious as our Shrimp Creole. We use the same


Red Beans and Rice Plate  $14.00

There aren't many food traditions that characterize

New Awlins better than Red Beans and Rice on a Monday

Night. Camellia Red Beans cook slowly with all the herbs and

spices & Smoked Beef Sausage.

add a Beef, Chicken, Creole or Cajun Sausage Hot Link $3.50

Blackened Catfish Plate  $15.00

Often associated with Cajun cuisine this technique was

popularized by Chef Paul Prudhomme. The fish is dipped

in melted butter and then dredged in a mixture of herbs

and spices. It is then cooked on a very hot grill, delicious! 

Bar-B-Que Shrimp Plate  $16.00 

Chef Guy's version of  New Awlins Bar B Q Shrimp. Not too hot, perfect spice, excellent citrus balance. Also served with dipping bread. A must try

Southern Fried Pork Chop Plate  $14.00 

2 Pork Chops lightly breaded in seasoned flour & fried

Fried Catfish Plate  $16.00

3 Piece of fish fried to perfection

Fried Red Snapper Plate  $16.00

3 Piece of fish fried in seasoned cornmeal

Fried Shrimp Plate  $16.50

10 Shrimp Seasoned with Creole Spices & deep fried to perfection


Dirty Rice  $4.00 

Garlic French Bread with Cheese  $3.00

Collard Greens  $4.50 

Creole Potato Salad  $3.50     

French Fries  $3.00

Crazy Mac & Cheese  $4.50

Red Beans  $4.00

Steam White Rice  $2.00

Red Potatoes 3 for  $2.50

Boil Season Corn (1/2 Corn) $1.00


Dress (New Awlins Style)

Blue Plate Mayo, Lettuce, Tomatoes & Pickles

Extra Fixins
Rumoulade, Hot Sauce, Creole Mustard, Onion

Fried Soft Shell 2 Crab $19.00

Grilled Shrimp $14.00

Fried Shrimp $14.00

Fried Oyster $15.00

1/2 Shrimp & 1/2 Oyster $14.00

1/2 Shrimp & 1/2 Fish $14.00

Fried  Catfish $14.00

Blackened Catfish $14.50

Fried Alligator $17.00

Fried Red Snapper $13.00

Fried Pop Corn Crawfish $13.50

Cajun Chop Chicken $8.00

Chicken Hot Sausage $9.00

Beef Hot Sausage $9.00

Creole Sausage (Spicy Pork) $9.00 

Cajun Hot Sausage  $9.00


Small 16oz     Large 32oz

Crawfish Etouffee

Small $16.00   Large $21.00

Shrimp Etouffee

Small $15.50     Large $20.50

Chicken Etouffee

Small $14.00   Large $18.00


Small $12.00   Large $17.00

Shrimp Creole

Small $12.00   Large $17.00

Chicken Creole

Small $10.00   Large $15.00

Red Beans and Rice

Small $10.00   Large $15.00

Add a Hot Sausage $3.50


Seafood Gumbo

Small $18.00   Large $26.50  1 Gallon $100.00    
A dark roux, seasoned with Creole herbs & Spices. Shrimp & Crab with Thigh meat. Also added Chicken & Beef Hot link, Beef Smoke Sausage. Eat this one and you will think you are in New Awlins.

YaYa Gumbo    

Small $12.00   Large $17.00  1 Gallon $68.00 

Gumbo YaYa was invented by Chef Paul Prudhomme .  It’s so tasty  it makes you say YaYa! It is one of the most iconic dishes of New Orleans cuisine. It's a chicken base Gumbo with smoke turkey and chicken hot link

Okra Gumbo

Small $16.00  Large $21.00  1 Gallon $84.00
In several West African langusges, the word for okra is "quingombo" or in it's shortened form gombo. Gumbo was originally made with okra. We add blue crab, shrimp and chicken hot links.  

Vegetarian Okra Gumbo

Small $10.00  Large $15.00  1 Gallon $60.00
Sauteed okra with stewed tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, celery and Creole seasoning. 



All Baskets served with Seasoned French Fries
Fried in Peanut Oil

Fried Shrimp Basket  $16.00

10 Shrimp Seasoned so well and deep fried to perfection

Fried Shrimp & Fish Basket   $15.50

5 Shrimp & 2 piece of Catfish or Red Snapper

Fried Oyster Basket  $16.00

Lightly seasoned and deep fried to perfection

Fried Catfish Basket  $14.00

The best tasting fish in town

Fried Red Snapper Basket  $14.00

If you don't like Catfish you'll love this Fish

Fried Pop Corn Crawfish  $14.50

Doesn't get more Cajun than this

Fried Soft Shell Crabs Basket  $19.00

Two Crabs with basket

Fried Alligator Basket $17.00 

Real Louisiana Gator

Fried Pork Chops Basket $12.00 

2 Pork chops lightly breaded in seasoning flour


Market Price per pound

Price Subject to Change

Step 1 Pick Your Seafood Per Pound

Crawfish $12.00

Shrimp $15.00

Dungeness Crab Legs Clusters $27.00

Snow Crab $25.00

King Crab $42.00

Clams $12.00

Mussels $12.00

Step 2 Pick Your Flavor

  • Louisiana Style (No Sauce)
  • Garlic Butter Sauce
  • Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce
  • Asian Cajun Sauce ( Most Popular)
  • Creole Sauce

Step 3 Pick Your Spice Level  

  • Mild
  • Medium
  • Hot
  • Asian Hot

Step 4 Pick Your Sides

  • Corn on the Cobb (1/2 Corn) 3 for $2.50
  • Steam Rice $2.00
  • Beef Smoke Sausages 4 pieces $3.00
  • Beef Hot Link 4 pieces $3.50
  • Chicken Hot Link 4 pieces $3.50
  • Red Potatoes 3 for $2.50
  • Dipping French Bread 4 slices $1.50
  • Extra Asian Cajun Sauce $2.00


Chef Guy's Bread Pudding  $5.50

There's pudding and then there's Chef Guy's Bread Pudding! Raisins soaked in Jack Daniels for 24 hours. One bite and you're hooked!

Chocolate Bread Pudding  $5.50

Same as Chef Guy's Bread Pudding but we've added

chocolate. This is too sinful to talk about!

Peach Cobbler  $5.50

This recipe is from Mia the Cobbler Queen OMG better

than my Mothers! Sorry Mom.

Bundt Personal Cakes  $5.50 
Zesty Lemon
German Chocolate
Cookies 'n Cream
Red Velvet 


Fountain Soda (Free Refills)  $2.95

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite,

Fruit Punch, Dr Pepper, Orange

Can Soda's  $1.50

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fruit Punch, Dr Pepper,
 Orange, 7 Up, Root Beer, Strawberry

Arizona Ice Tea  $2.00 

Black & White, Green Tea, Watermelon,
Sweet Tea, Green Tea Lemonade, Mango